Teacher Grants

Click here to download the Spring 2019 Grant Application.

The KCISDEF’s mission is to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and provide opportunities for excellence in education. The teacher grants program allows teachers to apply for grants to help them in their classrooms. KCISD is under-funded compared to most schools in Texas and these grants will enable and encourage teachers to be innovative in their approach to teaching by incorporating materials outside the normal curriculum or teaching patterns.

Examples of previous grant items include: Smartboards, innovative curriculums, a Greenhouse, an outdoor science Habitat, hundreds of reading books, computers, cameras, and more. These items would otherwise not be available to KCISD students with the limited funding that the school district still receives from the state.

Application Process:
All KCISD teachers may apply for grant funding.

Click here to download the Spring 2019 Grant Application.

Timeline for Innovative Teaching Grants

Jan 16, 2019:Call for grants
Jan 16-Mar 22, 2019:Grant writing assistance available at your convenience.
Contact Debbie Witte (dkwittelive.com) or call 830-534-5463.
Mar 22, 2019:Grant proposals due (Final Deadline)
Grant applications submitted to Foundation Grant Selection Committee
Mar 25-29, 2019:Grant Selection Committee meets with VP of Programs at 4:00p.m.
Apr 1, 2019:Grants Submitted to Education Foundation Board of Directors for approval
Apr 8, 2019:Grants submitted to the School Board
May 2019:Badger Pride Patrol will announce and award approved grants!