ConocoPhillips Showcases Our STEM Work On Their Global Website

Everyone here is so excited to see that all the hard work being done on STEM here in Karnes County made ConocoPhillips’ website with not just a picture but an article —-  as COP works to show the public that they are in-fact committed to children and education.

Our own KCISD teachers are ecstatic to see that “yes”, they are making a difference in upping STEM programs in the County now with the oil play in the area and “yes” – people are noticing globally…

Those little “’At a boys” for the educators that work so hard behind the scenes is so important.  Thank you COP!  It means more than may even realize.

The KCISD Ed. Foundation board members are so proud to support KCISD and Karnes County monetarily in its STEM endeavors…


All the pictures associated with this link to the article were taken by our Foundation board members and all the information about the camp’s work in general is sent to all our Corporate Partners for you to use as needed.  (We have parents sign release forms, etc.)  This camp even made the San Antonio Express news at our Foundation’s invitation.

This year’s 2014 June STEM Camp is the week of July 9th and is coming up soon!  In attendance are students from all 4 Karnes County Schools working with real scientists from area oil and electrical companies

All our 4th through 8th grade students who attend are nominated by their educators as good STEM candidates.  We can’t wait to excite and inspire them!

 ***To our (Possible) Corporate Partners: In a nutshell, our Foundation is committed to giving you value for your gracious dollars and this is just one example how we can work together.***